Pam Stocker

Counsellor. Artist. Poet.

Welcome! I am a counsellor, artist and poet based in Uppingham, Rutland.

For me, poetry, art, and the therapeutic process are all ways of exploring and celebrating the long, slow journey towards human flourishing.  

I am passionate about human identity, growth and healing. I believe that counselling has huge potential to facilitate personal development and wholeness: it can help safeguard important relationships and bring change out of stuck situations, enabling people to live more authentically and vibrantly.

The creative arts are very important to me, both personally and professionally. A poet and artist, I explore and express what I think or feel through words and images. I originally trained as a dancer and this has informed my understanding of the role of the body in psychological growth and change. I enjoy using creative methods in the counselling room, including clay, paint and poetry. In the words of one of my poems, 'silence is a sad way home,’ so I dare to share what I have to say with you here. 

Whether we meet in a counselling relationship, on a retreat, in supervision or training, my wish is to accompany you with honesty and respect, helping you explore and find your way. Helping you feel, decide and know. Helping you live more richly and feel more alive in mind, body and spirit. 

Counselling Spaces


It is always a big decision to find someone to talk to. You have to find someone you feel you can trust and be open with. You may need to talk to someone who is not a friend or a family member. During times of major adjustment or personal crisis, a period of regular counselling can be hugely supportive.

I am a BACP accredited counsellor with a Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Counselling and Gestalt Therapy. I work in private practice in a quiet, secluded room in my home overlooking the garden and fields.

In our first meeting you will have chance to ask questions, and to decide, without obligation, if I might be the counsellor with whom you wish to work. Sessions are usually weekly for one hour and, after our initial meeting, we will agree a regular time. We may work together for a set number of weeks or we may decide to be open-ended: many clients begin with six to nine sessions, and some wish to carry on for longer. In either case, you should always feel free to say how things are going for you and there will be regular opportunities for review.

If you would like to book an initial appointment, please do get in touch.  I can also be contacted by email or on my mobile 07969 482087.  



I am regularly involved in leading retreats that explore faith and spirituality using creative approaches.  These retreats offer a chance to take time out, pray, and to explore how creativity can help you deepen your faith.

Research & Writing

Alongside my therapeutic training, I studied for an MA in Christian Spirituality specialising in poetic processes and spiritual growth.  My research interests focus on the relationship between counselling and spirituality, and the role of creativity in therapeutic and spiritual growth and transformation. 

Training and supervision

I offer personal therapy for trainee counsellors. I enjoy the extra dimension of reflecting together on therapeutic process and theory that naturally arises during training.  It is a privilege to accompany future therapists at such a vital time of personal and professional development. I worked for several years for a pregnancy advisory centre, offering training and supervision for the advisors, and ensuring the establishment of good practice. 


Counselling Fees

£50 an hour for individuals

£60 an hour for couples




Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Counselling with Distinction, Nottingham University, 2010. 

MA Christian Spirituality, Heythrop College, University of London, 2011. 


BACP: British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Accredited March 2013

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