Pam Stocker

Counsellor. Artist. Poet.

Welcome! I am a counsellor, artist and poet based in Uppingham, Rutland.

For me, poetry, art, and the therapeutic process are all ways of exploring and celebrating the long, slow journey towards human flourishing.  

I am passionate about human identity, growth and healing. I believe that counselling has huge potential to facilitate personal development and wholeness: it can help safeguard important relationships and bring change out of stuck situations, enabling people to live more authentically and vibrantly.

The creative arts are very important to me, both personally and professionally. A poet and artist, I explore and express what I think or feel through words and images. I originally trained as a dancer and this has informed my understanding of the role of the body in psychological growth and change. I enjoy using creative methods in the counselling room, including clay, paint and poetry. In the words of one of my poems, 'silence is a sad way home,’ so I dare to share what I have to say with you here. 

Whether you are interested in counselling or you would like to discuss retreats, training or commissioning artwork, please do get in touch using the below details.

Pam Stocker

07969 482087 


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